Download Vidmate App 2017 For Android Free (Old Version)

On this website, you will get to download Vidmate App 2017. You will get to download this application for free. So let’s see how you can download Vidmate above this website. so let’s get started.

Vidmate App 2017

Vidmate App 2017 For Android

You all will know that Vidmate app 2017 is an application where you can download videos for free and it is considered to be the best video downloader. This application has been specially made for Android devices. You can download any video from any website above Vidmate, Vidmate Studio launched Vidmate in 2013 and after that, it started downloading very much because its interface was very good which was quickly understood by the user.

The first version of Vidmate was 1.65. With this, Vidmate kept moving forward and many of its versions came out and now the 2017 version of Vidmate has arrived, which you can download from here. What was the old version of Vidmate application that you can download videos but there were many limitations, which was very important to bring a new version of vidmate to replace it.

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Within the new version of Vidmate app 2017 we do not see any type of problem. Within this new version of Vidmate, we get to see a lot of features, so that we can download videos from different websites, which we get to download absolutely free on vidmate.

The new version of Vidmate Video Downloader, you will get to see many awesome features. When you install this application and open it, you will get to see a very nice interface which is very easy to understand for the user. If you look at its home screen, you will see many such websites on which you can download your favorite things or you can stream the video.

Vidmate App 2017 Download (Features)

Custom Content-Location:

On top of this application, you get to see a very good teacher, by using which you can select any of your countries and see the contact of that place on your vidmate home screen. You can select your region according to yourself, if you live in the United States, you can set its location, if you live in England, you can set the location of England. This feature is my very favorite feature because you can download the contact of the country in which you live.

Trending Videos:

When you open this application, you will get to see its homepage, where you will get to see the most popular trending videos and all the videos which have come in recent. And you will get to see such trending videos which are very popular in your country.

Trending Movies:

As I told you that you will get to see a lot of sections on the home screen, there you will find sections of websites where you can download the movies for free, this is a very good feature, you will not have to go anywhere else.

Trending Music:

You can download videos above Vidmate but you know you can also download music here, you can download MP3 of your favorite song here, I like this feature of Vidmate.

Other Features:

And with that, it has many such features in which you will get to see a different section of trending TV shows, trending live comments and comedy scenes, where you can download all those things.

So I hope that you will be very happy to download Vidmate App 2017 from here and if you have to download many such applications then you can visit our website again

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